Travel blog:Sightseeing in lavasa

A short day at lavasa….

A walk in lavasa reminded me of the towns of Italy

I guess its a newly built hill station in pune, Maharastra…

It is a perfect blend of beauty and infrastructure with amazing nighlife , adventour sports and enthralling shows and delicious food..

This modern day hill station is an enjoyable retreat for all its visitors and has a lot to offer to its tourists from picturesque sceneries to an extremely well-developed infrastructure including hotels, resorts, educational institutes, malls, residential property, IT companies etc. Lavasa is turning out to be a new hangout for people looking for a small trip away from the hustle and bustle of hectic city life. It is absolutely a leisure holiday destination located in the middle of lush green hills. Lavasa city is located in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra and manages to charm one with its mesmerising views. It is situated in Mose Valley near Pune at a distance of 65 Km, about an hour drive, and from Mumba..

Worth a visit and surely want to come back and hopefully for a longer duration


Time travel: Glimpse of Humayun’s Tomb

Archaeology gives a sense of place It grounds us within the landscape and then we realize the uniqeness of every place .

Some of our greatest historical and artistic treasures we place in museums; others, we take for walks

Retracing the  trails  to the visit to Humayun’s tomb it was definately a memorable morning..

Gloomy skies , steady mizzle , long solitary walks, with your camera having ur back what more do you need …

I felt indeed priveleged to be able to have a glimpse of the deep past . It seembed as if i was travelling time …

The splendid mausoleum built in the memory of Emperor Humayun, the second Mughal ruler to ascend the throne, stands as a magnificent testament to the style of Mughal royal mausoleums.

Constructed on standstone it is a  synthesis of Persian architecture and Indian traditions-the former exemplified by the arched alcoves, corridors and the high double dome, and the latter by the kiosks, which give it a pyramidal outline from distance…

Moreover the pluvious weather was like an icing on the cake for pluviophile like me

Worth a visit specially for all the anquitarians ,archaeology and history lovers.

Travel: Landour

Blissful serene

Recently only this summer i visited landour

Cemented paths, magnificent views,cloud capped hills, cute huts and lovely houses, blissful soltitude,towering trees and crisp mountain air give a profound insight into the raw harmony we share with nature; landour dazzles you at the first sight….

adventurous spot  for all the bike riders 

Looking back at the memory clicked i can still feel the chill breeze..

Left my heart in Paris

Paris’s seductive charms are legendary, and for good reason. Inviting sidewalk cafes, gleaming boutiques, world-class museums, and a fabled restaurant scene make Paris the runway model of cities—beautiful, fashionable, confident, and inspiring envy at every turn. 

 So don’t just visit Paris ….live in paris

The road….

Roads were made for journeys…..Not destinations…..

Travel the roads untaken.

Follow the trails unexplored..

And if you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there…

Because the greatest part about a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination ; it’s a the wild stuff that happens along the way..

Life is too short to spend your whole life in stupid rat races or just simply worrying all the time .JUst put the music on , drive a dirt road ,dance on the tailgate, fall in love with the moonlight

And most importantly regret nothing…

Open up your heart on an open road and the live and relive all moments …while it lasts

Northeast India:A warm culture

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveller only who is foreign.

Or may be not …..

How can i really miss them when meeting new people and exploring different cultures is the best part of the visit..

Connecting with people allows u to see the world through a whole new and different prespective.

All the time spent with them was  imperishable .

Simple people with an easy going attitude towards life!!

unexplored paradise of India is well known for its distinct culture and traditional lifestyle.

North-East Indian people offers a colorful reflection of their land and traditional lifestyle. Every tribal group of these states has its own unique tribal culture, tribal folk dance,martial arts and food and crafts. But to my wonderment its not just traditional culture only but also a fully accepted western culture too.

The people there have exceptional imprint of the western culture while still being deeply rooted to their culture and identity.

Sometimes the greatest adventure is to meet new people listen n  travel their stories and being inspired……………….